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Be Careful When You Open the Flood Gates!

After the relative success of the first Lebanese campaign, we realized that there were still a few things to improve on, but at least we were moving in the right direction. For the second campaign, we removed the phone number requirement, and worked to create a much more intuitive web application – something we could have only achieved through iteration and trial and error. We also added an option for the user to pledge either $1, $2, or $5 based on the feedback we had received from our previous campaigns.

The second Lebanese campaign received a turnout that was way more than expected! The 8 Yoofers that were running (see below for the list) were very successful, with the first one tipping in only 2 hours! We attribute this to the familiarity the Lebanese blogosophere/twittersphere had with us at this point. Word spread fast about our campaign and people were excited to join. So much so, that a few people who were not part of the campaign wanted to create Yoofers, but unfortunately we could not approve them since we are still in Beta and are not accepting any payments. Like the first Lebanese campaign, the Yoofers that were part of this trial campaign were funded out of our startup’s budget – therefore, the amount of Yoofers had to be limited.

Second Lebanon Campaign Yoofers

Second Lebanon Campaign Yoofers

A big THANK YOU to everyone who participated in this campaign. The excitement was palpable, and is what motivates us to keep on going. We also want to send a special thanks to Abir and Lynn whose Yoofers were very close to tipping, but as we had reached our budget, we could not keep the campaign going. Still, thank you for your enthusiasm and support!

As for our next steps, we hope to be able to reproduce this success in other markets such as the U.S. – which is our primary focus. Wish us luck!

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